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What is a DUNS Number?

Assigned and maintained by a company called D&B, DUNS refers to the Data Universal Numbering System, which identifies businesses across the globe. You can also consider this number as an international trade registration number. It is used to create a Dun & Bradstreet business credit file, which is frequently used by vendors and potential business partners to predict the reliability and financial stability of the company in question. If you wish to bid on government contracts, you must obtain a D-U-N-S Number for the physical condition of your business. D-U-N-S is already in use by 265 million global businesses.

How does the process work?

  • After your order, our team will contact you immediately and we will request the necessary information and documents for the DUNS Number.
  • After your documents are checked, the necessary preparation will be completed and the DUNS Number application will be made.
  • When your DUNS Number is ready, we will forward it to you.
  • For detailed information about the required documents, please contact our customer representative.
To get more information, please have a look at Frequently asked questions about Company Formation.

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Angela Thomson

Our company is an app developer company. To publish an application on the ***store, we had to obtain a DUNS number from our company. We researched the places where we can get service regarding this and realized that it is limited. This is how we found e- We contacted them before ordering and they answered all our questions. They explained the necessary documents and processes to us. We decided to work with them and they started the process. They delivered our DUNS number at the end of the guarantee period. We didn't have any problems.

Ian Wilson

We've applied for DUNS ourselves before. However, it has been months and we have not received any response and we have not been able to obtain information about the status of our application. That's why we decided to seek support from a service provider. We talked to and explained the situation. They said they could run DUNS transactions for us. We submitted the necessary documents to them and started to wait. As a result, we got our DUNS number and started using it for our transactions. Every company with global connections should acquire a DUNS. You can choose for this.

Bridgette Lyn

The company I worked for had to bid for a government tender abroad. I found out that for this we need to have the DUNS number. In my research on the subject, I saw that the E-Delaware provides this service. I never expected that they would hand me my company's DUNS number in such a short time. They informed me about the process and told me the documents I needed to provide. They established a very professional relationship with me and since they were able to handle it in such a short time, I can say that they have many years of experience in the subject. I am very satisfied with the work they do and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

No! The DUNS Number is defined once for your company and cannot be canceled unless you request it. You may need to revise the information registered to your DUNS Number only in case of changes in the company structure.

No, you can get a DUNS Number for your companies in all countries of the world.

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