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Why should I have an ITIN?

ITIN or Individual Tax Identification Number; It is a type of individual tax identification number for people who do not have an SSN. ITIN helps you open a U.S. bank account, open a Paypal, Stripe, or Amazon account, file a tax return, and get your credit score.

How does the process work?

Required Documents and Information For ITIN Application:
  • US Company Formation Documents (e.g. Articles of Organization, Certificate of Formation/Incorporation, etc.)
  • US Company Ownership/Membership Documents (e.g. Statement of Authorized Person, Statement of Organizer, Initial Resolutions, etc. No need If your name is listed on the formation document.)
  • US Company EIN Document
  • Passport Scan Copy (Valid, colored with a scanner)
Important note:
  • ITIN Application Product is only for having a US company as owner or shareholder as a Non-U.S. citizen.
  • If you want to apply for an ITIN via filing Federal Income Tax Return as a Non-U.S. resident, please contact us.
  • Once you order your ITIN, our information request form will be sent to you to fill out to process your order.
  • 1. Payment

  • 2. Filling the information request form

  • 3. Online passport verification

  • 4. We will prepare your application form

  • 5. You will sign the form that we will prepare, then mail it to us

  • 6. We will submit your signed application form and documents to the IRS

  • 7. We will notify you after your result is received

Why choose us

  • IRS-authorized Acceptance Agent
  • Online verification process
  • All the services are secured by a 100% money-back guarantee.
To get more information, please have a look at Frequently asked questions about Company Formation.
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Here are some reviews coming from our lovely customers!

Allison Sutherland

I learned that I need an ITIN document for my tax obligations, after doing some research, I realized that it is not easy to obtain this document, that I have to prepare complex files and be in constant contact with the IRS. I searched many websites on the subject and finally decided on E-Delaware. The reason behind this is that I got the most satisfactory answer from them when I asked the chat section on their website. In my opinion, one of the most experienced employees in the industry is E- Delaware employees.

Mamie Lees

Thanks to them, I survived this difficult process without stress, and the price they asked me was more than worth it. Although the ITIN procurement process is a long process in general, I always received feedback on the status of my process thanks to E-Delaware. I'm glad I can say that I worked with them, now I know where to apply for another legal process of my company!

Max Monroe

I founded my company with E-Delaware last year and was very impressed with the service they provided and their professional work ethic, so I knew where to go when I needed an ITIN. Just like in the company establishment, they first told me how the whole process worked, what documents they needed, they gave me a date range for when my ITIN document would be delivered to me, and indeed my ITIN document arrived within this date range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, If you are running a business activity and therefore need an ITIN, you must have a company in the USA.

Yes, to get an ITIN, you must have an EIN.

No, technically, it can be said that "ITIN will replace SSN for you".

Yes, you can have an ITIN even if you are not a US citizen.

EIN is a tax identification number for Employers. For ITIN, it is an individual tax identification number for people who have business activities in the US but are not US citizens and therefore do not have an SSN.

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