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Why get a Delaware Registered Agent?

  • Every company formed in Delaware is legally required to have a registered agent.
  • We will remind you of the annual report dates.
  • We will accept the official State notices on your behalf and send them to you.
  • Your personal information is not going to be part of the public records.

How to Start?

  • Place your order on our site.
  • Enter our agent information on your formation document if you’re forming a new entity or file an amendment with the State to change your existing agent.
  • Check your email regularly to ensure you don’t miss any important notice.
To get more information, please have a look at Frequently asked questions about Company Formation.

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As e-Delaware we are doing our job with passion.
Here are some reviews coming from our lovely customers!

Camilla Laing

I founded my company last year through E-Delaware and thanks to them they become my registerd agent and handled the legal representation of my company for a year free of charge. During this time, they conveyed to me whatever legal submission was received from the state regarding my company, they were like a bridge between the state and my company. It can be difficult to digest documents from the state, but thanks to E-Delaware officials, I find answers to all my questions about these documents. E-Delaware has been very helpful, especially during tax times.

Neel Novak

I made my legal representation to E-Delaware for a small annual fee and I have never regretted it. I easily got through the stressful tax periods thanks to them. When you established your company with them, I did not know that they offered free registered agent service for the first year, if I had known, I would definitely have established my company through E-Delaware. You can understand that they are experienced and professional in their fields from the language of communication they establish with you. You can convey anything that is on your mind to them either via chat on their website or by e-mail, and they will satisfy you with their response they gave in a short time

Cari Telley

Thanks to them, I got through this period without any punishment. I can ask them about any situation about my company without any hesitation via e-mail or chat on their website. The responses I get are always professional and satisfying. Like last year, I will definitely make my legal representation to E- Delaware this year and I will be relaxede in my official business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Registered Agent is the entity or the person that represents your company in the State. We are responsible for accepting the legal notices your business may receive, and we remind you of the critical dates.

The State of Delaware requires every business entity to have a registered agent to ensure they receive the important notices.

If you have a physical location in Delaware and are above the age of 18, then yes. However, being your own registered agent would mean exposing your address on the public records, and you’d be required to be present at the registered agent office 9-5 on weekdays.

Yes. You can change your registered agent and registered office by filing an amendment with the State or hire us to do it for you.

All state correspondences, annual report notices, and court documents will be scanned daily and sent to you.

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