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Why get a US business address?

A business address is a physical address that companies use to conduct business. A business address also represents the primary company mailing address that companies use to place on marketing material. If you buy our business address service, we provide a business letter that enables you to use the address for your company.

How to Start?

  • Add the US Business Address service to your order.
  • Provide the required information.
  • We will assign the address and send you your office agreement.
To get more information, please have a look at Frequently asked questions about Company Formation.

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Here are some reviews coming from our lovely customers!

Buddy Vazquez

I had a lot of official and serious documents to get on behalf of my company in the USA and I needed a business address since I don't live in the USA. After various researches I have done, I have seen that E-Delaware can best meet this need. They provided me with this service for only 99 dollars a year. From that moment on, I had instant access to all kinds of documents on behalf of my company. Thanks to the unique address they gave me, I was able to open a bank account there without going to the USA, and they sent me some crucial documents sent to my company by cargo, which was very important to me in terms of customer satisfaction. In general, I was very satisfied with the address service they provided, it is totally worth the money you pay!

Mimi Wagner

I had to open an account in channels such as Stripe and Amazon without going to the USA from my country of residence, India. Although I thought it was impossible before, I saw that it was not so with the help of E-Delaware. With the help of a unqiue US business address they provided, I first had a remote bank account and then became a member in e-commerce channels. In addition, my company has an official USA address now, which was a very important step in terms of professionalism. Now I can easily access documents sent to my company. E-Delaware sends you the scanned version of the documents that come to your address,they can ship the original copies to your country for a small amount if you wish, and all this for only 99 dollars a year! In my opinion, the best choice in this economy is E-Delaware!

Lily Peacock

While establishing my company, I received service from Since I was very satisfied with their service, I immediately reached out to them when I needed an address. They said they could offer me a mailing address. The best thing about choosing the same place for all services is; They can handle any transaction that may arise. They said that they can change the address of my company according to this new address. I authorized all transactions and they both provided me with an address and changed my company address. Every document sent to my address is scanned and sent to me. So I don't miss any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the address we provide as your official company address. We will scan and send you the documents you receive to the address daily. The original documents can be shipped to you for an additional fee.

No. A unique suite number is assigned for each company.

In the State of Delaware, you’re not asked to provide an address for your business. However, you will need a US address if you want to get EIN or apply for a bank account.

We assign you a unique suite number in a workplace. Your address information and the Office Agreement will be sent to you via email.

Address Recurring fee depends on your address package. In case of ordering the Basic Address package annual fee will be $179 or in case of ordering the Premium Address Package annual fee will be $499.

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