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Why should I have an US SIMCARD?

There are many different situations where you will need to have a phone number with a US area code. But the most common reason is to apply for a bank account for your company in the United States. When you need to apply for a bank account or a platform that provides money transfer solutions for your company, you are often asked for a mobile phone number. Your account will be activated by sending a verification code via SMS via this number. With the sim card we will send you, you will have a phone number with an American area code, by which you can easily do these certain operations.

How does the process work?

  • After your order, we contact you immediately and ask you to send us an information form.
  • As soon as you fill out the information form, the process begins and we send your Sim Card to the address you want.
  • When you receive your card, there is a small activation process you need to do and we will continue to support you for this.
To get more information, please have a look at Frequently asked questions about Company Formation.

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Here are some reviews coming from our lovely customers!

Florence Wholley

I needed a US phone number for my US business, but didn't know how to access it from my country. Fortunately, E-Delaware has a service that offers it. Shortly after buying the service, they sent a sim card with a US phone number to the country I was in. I have been using this sim card for 8 months for now and I can say that I am very satisfied with the card. I travel a lot for my business and no matter where I was in the world, my phone line was always active, able to receive calls and send messages anywhere. In the cargo they send , there is also an explanatory guide on how to install the sim card. The fact that they thought about it shows how much they care about their work and customer satisfaction.

Guy Graham

I offer my products for sale in the USA through a website, I thought that having a US number in the "contact" section of this website would add a plus to me, just like my US business address, I decided to buy my US sim card through E-Delaware and I don't regret my decision at all. ! They sent my sim card to Bangladesh within a week and I got my US phone number easily with the user manual included in the cargo. Now, with the help of this number, I opened a bank account to my company remotely without going to the USA and I can receive feedback from customers on a daily basis. I have always respected the work E-Delaware does. A service provider where you can feel customer satisfaction to the fullest! Truly great work!

Tamanna Compton

We decided to get a phone number with an American area code for our company in the United States. Thus, we would be able to include it on our company website. This is an important issue so that your customers can trust you. For this reason, we contacted e- They sent us a sim card. In addition, when we received the card, they sent a detailed information package for the activation process we need to do. We activated according to the instructions and encountered no problems. We can answer calls from our customers and send SMS to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no. Our Sim Card service cannot be used for Utility Bill.

No, the card we send you is a pre-loaded line. Thus, you can use only as much as you need and when you need by loading money.

Yes, the Sim Card we send you can be used in 162 countries.

Yes, you can use the functions of sending and receiving SMS, answering calls and making calls with your Sim Card.

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